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msaban dermatologia

At msaban Dermatology, we have been offering our patients a leading service in treatment and prevention of skin diseases for over 25 years.

We also incorporate the latest advances in medical and surgical dermatology, as well as dermocosmetics, laser hair removal and different treatments for your body image.

The success of our treatments is based on the quality of our specialists, our equipment and our facilities.

The office

What best distinguishes Dr. Montserrat Saban’s policy is the personalised attention and awareness about the problems that different skin conditions involve for each patient.

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We specialize in: clinical dermatology, surgical dermatology, laser, cosmetic dermatology, body treatments and depilation.

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ZO® Skin Health

A msaban dermatology advise you and provide the dermo-cosmetic products cutting edge of the moment.

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Onda Cero. Pont Barcelona-Madrid. Thursday 28 June

Interview with Dr. Saban on Onda Cero Link to the website of Onda Cero Catalonia you can download and listen to the Madrid-Barcelona Puente. Thursday 28 June

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